Thursday, October 27, 2011


Look up.
Do you feel the pressure of a gaze on your back?
Look up and you might see him--no, don't bother standing,
You're just fine where you are.
Look up,
Raise your eyes to his, see
The one eye, bright blue, the other long-lost, covered by a worn felted patch.
His face a map of  laugh lines, worry lines, weather lines.
He's smiling, he always is, it seems.
Are you wary? So is he,
Wanderer of the Nine Worlds, perpetual seeker of Wisdom
in the wild Scandinavian night.
Would you too seek Wisdom?  Would you too pay its price?
It's not cheap, I will warn you, but you're before him already.
All it takes is one movement, one moment of truth.
Look up.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Since there's been a lot of interest in "home blogs" or "mommy blogs", including a kerfluffle when a Wiccan mama's blog was up for an award (the delightful /, I decided to throw my own hat into the ring.  It's a Valkyrie's helmet, so be careful about tripping over it.

My name is Signy.  I'm a Northern Tradition pagan, living in sunny southern California with Sven, my husband of 12 years, and our two gray cats, Ivan and Lalat.  Both of us were raised Catholic, but when Sven decided to go back to his Danish roots, I spiritually went with him.  I've been wearing a Mjollnir on a chain around my neck since I went to Afghanistan in October of 2009.  Two years and a week ago, I realize as I think about it.  I'd been offering blot to Odin, Thor and Loki* for at least a year before that.

The hardest thing about living a Northern Tradition for me is living in a place where we almost never see frost, and where in the middle of winter a person should plant the crops that would grow in Scandinavia during the summer.  Still, after living in SoCal for nine years I've started to recognize different seasonal signs.  While I still wish for the brilliant changing leaves of my past, I notice subtle changes to the light, the cooler weather and of course the shortening days.  

And football.  It's not as often accompanied by the smell of woodsmoke from surrounding chimneys, but football is a firm marker for me.

I am working on a longer Winter Finding post, but until then, this is the start on the blog.

*Yes, Loki, and I'll tell you why.  First, Odin won't drink unless his blood-brother drinks too.  Second, European heathens don't shun the Trickster in the same way American heathens do, and I think it's because Americans have an instinct to try to shove everything into a Christian pattern.  I've read essays by heathens who I swear secretly want to be Pentecostals.  Loki was part of the lore handed down to Sven by his Danish grandfather.  One must certainly be careful when dealing with Loki; he's wildfire and to be respected.  I do not think it's coincidence that my Lokean husband ended up with a wife whose role model as an NCO is Thor.