Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy spring!

Things are going really well for us.  Our raised-bed gardening is behind schedule, but we hope to get more work done this weekend.  The best-laid plans and all that, but I'm hoping/envisioning us laying down more weed-paper (a fabric that suppresses weed growth; we're not rolling blunts here) and raising up the potato box some.

I continue to be amazed by the Old Man.

This is the 30 foot saguaro on our property.  See those holes?  They've been hollowed out over the years by generations of birds, and lined with mud and twigs.  When a saguaro falls, the resulting cup is referred to as a "saguaro shoe".  I saw a woodpecker flying out of one of the holes, and found myself exclaiming a mantra from the Ekklesia Antinoi, "This is where life comes from!"  The desert is teeming with life, and I can't for a second understand why anyone would consider it a dead or unmoving ecosystem.

This is our potato box.  Our potatoes are growing in well, and we need to add more boards for height.  The theory is that as the potato plant grows (you start them from potato eyes), you keep raising the level of soil.  By the time the plants are tall, you'll have 50-100 lbs of potatoes.  So far so good.

I've also started an herb garden in our Arizona room (an enclosed porch).  I planted my cilantro and basil from seeds, which I now regret as they are coming in so slowly while my rosemary, which started as a plant, is going gangbusters.  I'll pot my chocolate mint and kitchen sage today.

Yesterday was the spring equinox, so as usual I changed the altar cloth, gave little glasses of wine to both the ancestors and the Norse gods, then went outside with my bottle of wine to pour out libations to the Old Man and the spirits in our grove of trees.  

The weather here is beautiful in southern Arizona.  I'm enjoying it before it turns into the great outdoor barbecue by May.  But that is of course part of the cycle, and overall the heat isn't that bad, not compared to the steambath that is the east coast every summer.  

May your spring be full of promise!