Saturday, October 26, 2013


Someone pointed out (on Tumblr of all places) that the anatomy of the various Mother Goddess statuettes make perfect sense if you are a woman looking down at her own body and using it as a model.
When I lived in Mexico, I saw unknown amounts of anonymous ecclesial art that was known to have been created by nuns.
Now it also may be that the cave paintings of Lascaux were done by women, because the shape of the handprints are indicative of female hands.
Our ancestresses silently, deliberately, emerge, and they were artists.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

So you refuse to honour your ancestors.....

"I can't worship my ancestors!  I won't EVER worship my ancestors because my family is abusive!"

I'm sorry to hear that, but that's all the more reason to do so.  The "ancestors" are way more than this guy and his family:

You see, THIS guy's ancestors came from Ireland 300 years ago.  You probably never thought of that.  His family is a bunch of drunken, spousebeating types who call themselves Christian with no knowledge of the Bible (their preacher discourages it). 

What you don't realize is that 1,000 years ago, this was their foremother:


But if you don't venerate your ancestors, you'll never meet her.  She's appalled at what her family has become, and her heart breaks for what they've put you through.  She would love to meet you in your dreams and assure you that she knows your name and wants to teach you things that the other members of the family would laugh off, at best.

Oh well.  Your loss.  I hope the hissy fit comforts you as much as she could.