Thursday, March 21, 2013

E is for Equinox

I was fishing around for subjects for my next Pagan Blog Project, thinking of Eddas and English and other E words.  That’s when I realized I was maniacally cleaning my office at work.

It started off normally enough.  It was a sunny, cool day on the island.  I have east-facing windows and so the morning light showed me a splotchy film of dust on my desk.  This sent me to the commissary for a couple of boxes of Swiffers.  Back in my office I dusted my desk, credenza, bookshelves, computer and desk lamp.  After that came the lemon Pledge.  I also noticed the tangle of electrical cords off the back of my computer, which I straightened out and tied into a neat electronic ponytail.

“Must be spring cleaning day,” I thought and then went, “Of course!  It’s the equinox!”  I don’t know how I didn’t put two and two together.  I knew perfectly well what day it was.  My Daily Asatru app gave me a notice that it was a holiday and the random rune Naudhiz.  I’m wearing a Green Man pendant.  I knew it was the equinox in my intellect, and had made external signs of observance.  It was up to the seasonal change itself to make me feel it in my body and express it in my actions.  I was going to write about being mindful in observing the subtle signs of the turning of the season, but that’s too intellectual for what is actually going on.  It’s spring!  It’s sprung! It’s spring!  

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