Tuesday, December 24, 2013

So much water under the bridge

It's been TWO MONTHS since I last posted.  I'll admit, part of it was my being busy and part was a case of the yucks.  I had quite the argument with a member of the San Diego kindred, then one with someone here in the village, and it kind of killed my motivation. 

Nonetheless, I'm here in Arizona now, with cats, so my residence is almost official. 

We had our first Jul here already.  Sven, D and I had our blot on top of one of the outbuildings, watching the sun set over Picacho Peak.  After that we had a Jul dinner that couldn't be beat, with a magnificent goose, red cabbage, cucumber salad, a pressed salmon that IMHO was the best thing on the table, followed by cookies and rice pudding.  We forgot we had raspberries for the "red berries with custard" used as a shibboleth in WW2 to tell if someone was a German or a Dane.  Because only Danes can pronounce it.

Also, I'm sitting back and watching people fighting about polytheism on Tumblr.  Seriously?  I go there to look at giant robot models and pictures of Warhammer 40k fluff.  If you pursue your causes on Tumblr, you have more problems than I do, sunshine.

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