Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Seasons come and go, and so do we.

I was at a used bookstore today, looking for any interesting occult or pagan books to add to my collection.  I came across one called “A Pagan Christmas” or something like that.  It was the usual sort of thing, with descriptions of what pagan traditions and symbols are still present in the modern-day North American Christmas.  I didn’t buy it, but it reminded me of something that has been bothering me: Sven and I aren’t celebrating holidays enough.

We did Jul right, but we were in the middle of moving and we didn’t put up a tree or any decorations.   December 25 doesn’t have any real meaning to us, but we kind of neglected the 12 days of Jul.  I celebrated the Spring Equinox alone, libating the Old Man and the grove of trees with a bottle of local Arizona wine.  This isn’t enough.  Granted it’s only been two holidays, but I feel like I’m being one of these joyless Christians who decides that most holidays are “too pagan” for them and don’t celebrate, failing to replace them with anything else.

Resolved: To do Summer Solstice in a big way. 

In sad news, Cal Cotton the Hornsmythe, aka The Moor, died of brain cancer today.  He was only in his early 60s.  We knew Cal from the Viking Fest at Vista, where he was always there in his Moorish costume, selling horns, skins, utensils, antlers, and anything made of same.  He was friendly and funny and talented.  We have a number of fox tails we bought from him because the cats love them, and our drinking horns were from his shop too.  He will be missed.  What is remembered, lives.

Also, thoughts and positive energies for Morning Glory Zell.  The Church of All Worlds will be holding a celebration of her life while she is still with us.  The event, called The Party Of Her Life will take place at their home in northern California this Friday. 

The sun rises, the sun sets, the seasons turn.  All else is transitory.  Blessed be.

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