Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy Solstice!

Some acquaintances came down from the Phoenix area.  We knew they were heathens who had moved to Arizona, but hadn't met them yet.  They were being cautious and asked around first about if we were "normal" and "sane" kinds who could hold down jobs and not blame any and all trouble on mystical woo.  That's fine with us, since we're looking for the same kind of people as our friends.

We actually never got around to raising horns, but darn it, the day felt like a holiday.  We barbecued and made cherry pie with fresh cherries our new friends brought over.  Ivan and Lalat were complete lovebugs and everyone had a great time.

The summer is hitting the "are you having second thoughts?" part of the year.  Daytime temperatures are now around 109 degrees.  So...our air conditioning gave out.  We have a contract with the only AC company that will come out to where we are, and the AC needs replacing.  It's 20 years old or so, plus as I've said before, the previous homeowners were chain smokers.  Well, there goes the savings account, but that is what it was for.  We'll refill it again in due time.

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