Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Looking for feedback

Really simple...I've been posting since January and the only comment I've received on any of my entries was a joke comment.  If you're reading, talk to me, even if it's just to say hi.  My site numbers say you're all out there, so don't be a stranger.


  1. Yours is one of my favorite blogs. I don't comment because a week or more has often passed by the time I get a chance to, and well, it seems awkward ... but I do read everything you post with great interest. I especially like the stuff on your personal practice and how you adapt it to where you live as well as your theological ponderings which are often quite insightful. I know it can be frustrating but don't lose heart. The number of comments you get is no indicator of how many people are following along and getting something out of it. People tend to respond only when it's directly relevant to them or when they're amused/offended. I post a dick joke or some inflammatory rant and I'll get 20 or 30 comments, easy. A poem I've put a lot of heart and skill into or share something intensely personal about my relationship with the gods? Cricket chirps. Such is the way of the internet, and it sucks mightily.

  2. From time to time I read you, but I am so busy...

    I know the frustration of not knowing if anyone reads your blog at all... but sometimes the clicks and links indicate some traffic. Also there will be times when your articles trigger your readers so much that they will leave flabbergasted messages.

    If you feel like sharing, just go on. If you miss something, you might also try to reach via boards or private messages to people.